Irungu Houghton

I currently serve as Executive Director for Amnesty International Kenya. As Amnesty’s spokesperson and chief strategist in Kenya, I lead a team of committed investigative researchers and campaigners working to end human rights abuses and realize the rights and freedoms captured in the Constitution of Kenya.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked and volunteered with some of the most influential international organizations in the world including ActionAid, Equality Now, and Oxfam International. In these capacities, I have advised several African Governments, the African Union, and the G8 among others. I have also voluntarily chaired the Kilimani Project Foundation over the last six years.

I love hosting honest and bold conversations that encourage ethical and empowering citizenship. This is what gets me up early to appear on breakfast media shows and write a weekly column in the Standard newspaper. 

I am currently finalizing a book manuscript on Building Constitutionalism in Kenya and exploring the potential of social entrepreneurship for governance and human rights work.

​Get in touch or engage me across any of my social media platforms. Word of caution, I don’t entertain cynicism well. 

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